Website Overview

Please review the basic 3 steps of using the website.

NOTE:  Your Membership Account is Created Automatically when you Purchase your First Report Credit.

In order to download and access the Les Onaka Handicappers’ Report you have to buy a Report Credit.  One credit is good for one (1) Report, which includes all races on the program for that night.

  1. Purchase Report Credits on the Buy Reports Page. Just click on the Buy Now button for the desired number of reports you want.  After completing the transaction you will receive an email confirmation and the Report Credits will be applied to your account.
  2. Select the desired Report on the Store Page.  Just Click/Check Box for the report(s) you want and Click on Redeem Selected Items on the bottom of the page.  After completing this step your Credits Available will update and the Report you selected will no longer be displayed on the Store Page.
  3. Access your Report on the My Reports Page.  Just click on the Report to open.  It will remain available for the rest of the weekend for access.

Important Info: Please add the email address: to your safe senders list.  Also check junk/spam folders for any generated email.  This is especially true for anyone using an email address.

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