About Les

Born in Hawaii, Les spent ten years on the Hawaiian Islands before moving to the mainland. He got his first taste of Thoroughbred Racing at Hollywood Park as a youngster tagging along with his parents. His first bet was made when he found one twenty-dollar bill on the ground and promptly wagering all of it in the following race. The horse won and his $20.00 was parlayed into $250.00. From there on, he was hooked.2015-Les1

Quarter horses always caught his eye with their size and true natural speed. Learning the tools of this exciting sport isn’t easy. It consists of many long hours and tedious review, but it has been well worth the time he has invested.

Les Onaka’s background consists of 36 years of quarter horse handicapping and clocking and 23 years working with Los Alamitos. He has given many handicapping seminars throughout California. These years of experience allows his picks to be consistent finishers. He analyzes each and every horse in every race. Checks and handicaps each horse’s consistency at the class level, speed indexes and most importantly, can read the hidden trouble lines.

Les is the only track handicapper that goes in-depth on every horse in each race. He is an expert clocker, which gives him the big edge over the betting public. His many¬†hours of daily handicapping provides you with the “Handicapper’s Racing Report”. This report features morning workouts, horse in trouble, solid selections and all notes and quotes are derived from careful evaluation via videotape or replays of the night’s races.

Rest assured that this experience, knowledge of the sport of Quarter Horse racing and skill has made even the rookie race fan’s experience an exciting one!

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